Xmas Members Day 2023 Wrap-up!

Published by Richard McCarthy on

🎄We celebrated our Xmas Member’s Day this past Saturday, housed in the Dewar’s Centre in Perth. Despite the wintry conditions, LUG members made the journey from across Scotland, for a closed-doors celebration put on for the Tartan LUG family.

🎁 After a busy year of LEGO shows, events, and exhibitions, this was a final chance for our members to catch up, swap LEGO, and show off any recent builds and buys, all before the year end!

🎗️Along with swaps and deals, a Member’s Raffle was held once again. We are pleased to announce our raffle on the day raised over £150 for Sight Scotland, a charity dedicated to providing support, care & education for vision impaired people of all ages.

🎂 As with last year, a cake decorating workshop was provided for interested attendees, once again expertly led by Robert & Hollie Donnelly aka Babycakes (Greenock). Cakes were decorated from start to finish…everyone got on really well, and the results speak for themselves!

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Chosen charities


🧱 Models: Our very talented Tartan LUG family

📸 Photos: Richard McCarthy & Nicola Rippon